There are plenty of dental chews and treats on the market promising pearly white teeth and better breath. But many of these come with a whole host of concerns— like choking, cheap ingredients that cause stomach upset, and indigestible pieces that can cause fatal blockages in the digestive system. These also rely on the mechanical action of chewing to address tartar, which doesn’t get rid of tartar at the gum line where it matters most. 

If that weren’t enough, they are high in carby fillers. More carbohydrates & sugars = more plaque = stinky breath, tough tartar & bad bacteria.


Sea algae is a natural ingredient that offers a completely new way to approach oral health– one without the hassle and stress of brushing, sprays, or ineffective dental products. And perhaps the best part is when you put sea algae with herbs like parsley and spearmint, it’s complete dental care in a single tasty treat.