Well, we knew the benefits of krill– it happens to be the smallest on the food chain, which makes them an incredibly clean source of Omega 3. Not to mention it’s rich in an incredibly potent antioxidant.

And we knew that krill oil discards the rest of the krill after concentrating the oil, which is a HUGE waste and wasted opportunity. So, rather than allowing the entire krill to be discarded, we decided to take advantage of this. Choosing to use whole ground krill rather than concentrated krill oil, we can utilize every part of the krill.

We know the human supplement market would never sell the ground krill because of the sheer amount you would have to take each day. Plus, it’s quite fragrant, which isn’t appealing to most. Dogs and cats are truly the perfect candidates for this “byproduct.” Instead of continuing to harvest krill, using the oil and discarding the rest, further exacerbating the problem– we take the bodies that were already processed and use them to the benefit of our animals.

This speaks to the importance of choosing an eco-conscious form of krill and sourcing when choosing krill for your dog and yourself.

We choose to work with one of the most sustainable fisheries globally, who is as serious as we are about minimizing environmental impact.