TRILLIONS of living microorganisms reside in your pet’s gut. And they hold the key to your animal’s digestive health. The sum of these gut bacteria is the gut microbiome, and it can be found in the second half of your pet’s digestive tract.

Not only is this community complex, but it’s responsible for vitally important functions.

-It keeps harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli in check.

-It makes vitamins that give your pet energy.

-It helps dogs and cats digest and use their food more effectively.

And! Perhaps the most exciting discovery to date is that upwards of 85% of the immune system resides around the gut microbiome, so when the microbiome is healthy, you’ve got a healthy, happy pet. And yes, a HAPPY pet because the microbiome can even affect your pet’s mood positively or negatively.

This is why adding healthy bacteria does so much for your animal– not just their gut health but their body as a whole. Your pet’s immune system won’t spend so much energy keeping bad bacteria at bay, which allows their immune system to focus on other important tasks.