Calm Shen works to balance emotional highs & lows. It does not cause drowsiness, and being an herbal combination, it is easy on the system.

It works gradually, building in the system over time. In 4-6 weeks, pet parents often notice very small changes in their dog that could be credited to a couple of good days or weeks. In 2-3 months, pet parents start to notice more significant changes that are likely due to Calm Shen, and in 6 months or more, pet parents begin to reach out to us and say, “How can this be the same dog I had before?” It’s a slow progression in the right direction, but the major upside is that it never alters your dog’s personality – they remain the same dog you love, without the unending anxiety. 

That being said, every dog’s story is different, so if Prozac works for him, then thank dog we have prescriptions like it! Calm Shen is another tool at your disposal- an option that offers a natural approach to anxiety.